Welcome to ‘Chukani’ family hotel!

The beautiful nature on Bulgaria, combined with the rich one history, creates
countless destinations for rest and recognizing the story of our homeland.

The beautiful town Elena, snuggled up in Elensky Balkan, gives you a wonderful
opportunity for rest among the nature and history.

‘Chukani’ family hotel provides a perfect place for stay up and represents a wonderful started point for different excursions.
‘Chukani’ is in a neighborhood with eco paths and is only 1.5 km from the center
of the town. On about 4 km from it there is Jovkovtsi dam, to the equestrian
base there are 10 km, and on about 25 km, there is the ski course on Chumerna peak.

The location on our guest house reveals vast views

to the fileds on Elensky Balkan and it’s peaks.Come to explore together the mysteries which the mountain wants to reveal.

Yours place for rest among nature!

The beautiful eco trails near ‘Chukani’ take you to the natural miracles on The Balkans. Horse riding, mountain cycling, skiing, picnics, fishing in Yovkovtsi  dam – the possibilities for nice earning are numerous and varied according to the chosen one season to rest.

Sauna and pool

You can repose in the steam room bathroom, sauna or around
discoveries pool with mountain water.

Children’s corner

The place where children can play around free!

External barbecues

Prepare a delicious barbecue among the


Бърз интернет

Wi-Fi access to Internet on the territory of the cottages.

Entertainment in the area

Horse riding, mountain cycling, skiing, picnics, fishing in Jovkovtsi dam.

Equipped Kitchen

The kitchens are equipped with everything necessary for your staying.

Listen to the recommendations of the local!

No matter the chosen entertainment for rest, you can trust everything on ‘Chukani’ hut for a full holiday with all amenities of civilization, combined with unique views and clean, fragrant air.

Welcome to us!

Entertainment in the area

The children’s corner is equipped with a trampoline and a slide, so your children can entertain.

Places for eating

No matter the chosen option for staying, will you have the opportunity to prepare your personal preferred from you menu in our completely equipped kitchen .

Your deserved rest in the mountains is expecting you!

We will meet you with warm and real hospitality, we will give you the peace and solitude, that you need, and the Balkans and nature will remain in your heart forever!

The most beautiful, most interesting and most delicious places around

Find out which are the most beautiful places to visit in the surrounding area and what other useful tips we can give you to make your holiday complete!


Eco-paths in Elenski Balkan

Elensky Balkan is one of the beautiful corners of the country, where the nature has saved its own natural appearance and charm. There are a lot of eco paths, which will let you reach the natural miracles on The Balkans like Markov stone, Hristovski waterfall, Rayuv stone, the ‘Elephant’ tree, Fluffy peak, and others.

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Eco paths Elena – 5 exciting ideas for a walk

If you wonder by which eco paths Helen to take it, then you are on the right place here. Markov – Rayuv stone eco trail starts 3 km away, south from Helen city in direction the Elena – Tvarditsa passage. If you wish, you can reach the entry by a transport. The route continues in […]

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